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About Bishkek

Bishkek is not simple a capital of Kyrgyzstan, but a city if hospitable and kindly people. Bishkek is one of green cities of the world. It was ranked nest to Kiev (Ukraine) on amenity planting as far back as in the period of the Soviet Union. Bishkek is a young capital, founded in 1825, so there are no ancient historical monuments in its territory.

There are several versions explaining a name of capital. According to the first one the city was named in honor of Batyr Bishkek famous by its numerous deeds, who lived in this territory. According to the second one, the name was taken from a stick for betting up mare’s milk – Pishpek. Third version, Bishkek is a part of five-panel fortress.

Bishkek is a center of scientific and cultural life of Kyrgyzstan. There are excellent museums and theatres, galleries, Philharmonic Hall.

A large number if cafes and restaurants give many variations on a theme of familiarization with national cuisine, which has never left some capital guests unfazed.

Anyone, who was lucky to be a guest of Bishkek, wants to pass the time of day here so that it might to see, hear and feel all the beautiful that this city has. For somebody Bishkek is a city of recollections, and for somebody – is a city of new impressions.

And in order to delight properly in stay in our city, to fill its coziness and hospitality, any guests of capital need to choose hotel correctly.

The “Baikhan” Hotel located in an ecologically clean area of Bishkek City will make your residency well-remembered.

Bishkek. Philharmonic Hall